Bubble Games of the Week, Part 1: February 21st – 27th

Same format as last week, even though I completely forgot to put up Part 2. Forgive me!

Bubble teams in bold.

Michigan State @ Minnesota – 9PM BTN – Before this season started, I doubt both teams expected to be hovering around the bubble. Minnesota is collapsing and needs to stop the bleeding, just like Michigan State did two weeks ago.

Nebraska looks to build off their impressive home win over Texas.

#12 Wisconsin @ Michigan – 630 BTN – Wisconsin is not a good team on the road (3-5 overall).
Miami @ Boston College – 7PM – Much like Minnesota, Boston College has been losing a lot of ground in the bubble race. Need a solid home win here.
Colorado State @ #7 BYU – 8PM MTN – Colorado State is right around the bubble but needs to play their way in. A perfect chance here.
Florida State @ Maryland – 9PM ESPN3 – Not many chances left for Maryland to notch some wins. They are on their last legs.
Kansas State @ Nebraska – 9PM ESPNU – Nebraska gained entry to the bubble picture via a huge win over Texas. Will they build off it?
Baylor @ #21 Missouri – 9PM ESPN2 – The Bears are looking to bounce back after their head-scratching loss to Texas Tech last week.
UNLV @ New Mexico – 9PM – New Mexico lost to Colorado State and Utah last week. Must win.

Marquette @ #15 UConn – 7PM ESPN2 – Marquette has been steadily on the bubble for some time. That can change with a win against sanction pending UConn.
Georgia @ #13 Florida – 7PM ESPN – Georgia is around a 9 or 10 seed but can really improve their stock with a win over Florida on the road.
Penn State @ Northwestern – 9PM ESPN2 – Seemingly a must win if Penn State wants to finish at .500 or better in conference.
Gonzaga @ Saint Mary’s – 11PM ESPN2 – Surprisingly only our second bubble v. bubble match-up of Part 1. Huge game for both. Saint Mary’s won the first match-up at Gonzaga but has a sketchier resume, especially after losing to Utah State and San Diego in consecutive games.

Look for Part 2 to be posted on Friday night or Saturday morning.


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