Resume Rundown: January 5th

I just completed the first “Resume Rundown” for the 2010-11 College Basketball season. There are a few things to keep in mind when viewing it:

– The teams listed are all teams vying for at-large bids. No 1-bid league leaders, or other league leaders are included. Ex: Duke, Syracuse, etc. I included Butler at the bottom for fun – I assume they lead the Horizon in this Rundown (even though they current are not).
– There are 18 one-bid leagues, 13 other conference winners (31 auto-bids). This leaves 37 at-large bids. I have it divided in 19 “Lock” teams and 18 “bubble-IN” teams. The rest are “bubble-OUT”.
– If there is a question mark after a team’s Good Win / Bad Loss team, that means it is potentially a GW or BL. Ex: Virginia. They can tank in the ACC or prove to be a solid mid 100 RPI team.
– RPI and SOS are taken from the beginning of this week (Jan 3rd).
– Top 100 wins aren’t very reliable right now. There are a bunch of mid-majors that played tough teams that won’t finish Top 100. This pads the Top 100 win stats of some teams.
– I haven’t done extensive resume comparisons, I’m merely just laying everything out. The actual order of the bubble-IN and OUT teams will be more accurate as the season progresses.
– I will release a Rundown every week, with everything updated. I will be releasing the Lockbox either later today or tomorrow. Stay tuned for that.

Please be sure to contact me if you see any Good Win / Bad Losses that I forgot to add. Any mistakes in record (there will be some, as RPI vs Overall records differ), etc.

Feel free to edit my Rundown and update one for yourself.

Resume Rundown download

2 Responses

  1. your site should be more user-friendly ie, readers shouldn’t have to download documents, it should be on the site.

    big college hoops fan so i look forward to reading.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. If you downloaded it, you would see its a rather lengthy Excel sheet. I’m sure I could put that on a page of the site, but I don’t know how it would look.

    I’ll see what I can do.

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